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Songs Gone Wrong Intro

Songs Gone Wrong Intro

October 20, 2020

Last episode you got a sneak peak into a Songs Gone Wrong episode, and now is the full intro where we tell you exactly what we will be doing.  Songs Gone Wrong is now available on iTunes, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts from.  We hope you join the fun and the conversation at Songs Gone Wrong where we decide if these songs are legit hits or did those songs go wrong.

Songs Gone Wrong Preview

Songs Gone Wrong Preview

October 1, 2020

Hey everyone, I hope you are all staying safe and sane!  I am proud to announce my new show which is called Songs Gone Wrong.  I will keep the One Headlight 90s Podcast running as well, but this new show is strictly music only where we talk about one song per episode and along with you the listeners, decide if those songs are legit hits, or did those songs go wrong.  This sample episode is our discussion on Montell Jordan's smash hit This is How We Do It.

If you have any feedback would love to hear it: 

Twitter:  @SongsGone

Twitter:  @1HLPodcast


More to come as we approach our mid-October launch date!  Hope you enjoy!!

Disney’s Aladdin - 1992

Disney’s Aladdin - 1992

July 29, 2020

I am joined by two brand new co-hosts as we talk about one of our favorite movies from the 90s, Disney's Aladdin.  My two co-hosts might not have been around in the 90s but they sure are subject matter experts on this movie and many other Disney flicks.  Sure their combined age right now is 11 but they know their stuff, so hope you enjoy their podcasting debut.  I know I did!


Twitter:  @1HLpodcast



Favorite 90s NBA Logos

Favorite 90s NBA Logos

July 22, 2020

I am once again joined by Fabian Nieber (@sirfabsalot on Twitter) as we discuss our favorite, and least favorite, 90s NBA logos.  It also turns out I have no idea how to look at the Atlanta Hawks logo.  Oh well.


Fox Sports NBA Logos article referenced in the show:


Fabian Twitter - @sirfabsalot


Drew's Twitter - @1HLpodcast


Drew's email -

Favorite 90s NBA Players

Favorite 90s NBA Players

July 16, 2020

If you liked watching The Last Dance on ESPN, then you will love this conversation about our favorite 90s NBA players.  Join Fabian and I as we:

Discuss our top 3 favorite 90s basketball players

Test Fabian's NBA draft knowledge

Find out if The Admiral was actually an Admiral

And talk about all of our favorite 90s NBA stars

If you want to reach out to Fabian, you can find him on Twitter @sirfabsalot

My Twitter info is @1HLpodcast

My email is

And if you want to see highlight reel passes from Jason Williams, check this out:

90s Music Profile - Pearl Jam

90s Music Profile - Pearl Jam

May 18, 2020

I am joined by a great friend of the show Alex Minnis from Minnis2Society as we talk 90s music, namely Pearl Jam.  We cover off on alot, namely:

Grunge History Lesson

Temple of the Dong (yes, I spelled that wrong on purpose)

How the Chili Peppers helped Pearl Jam form

How a former gas station employee factors in to all of this

Former NBA player Mookie Blaylock

Ticket Master

We cover off on our top 15 Pearl Jam songs from the 90s

Alex can be found here:

Twitter:  @minnis2society1

Alex's Top 15 Playlist on Spotify:

Drew's Top 15 Playlist on Spotify:


90s Music Profile - The Offspring

90s Music Profile - The Offspring

March 26, 2020

I am joined by a good friend of the podcast Fabian, who is also a big fan of The Offspring.  We discuss why The Offspring are probably the smartest band ever, their history, why I like Ibanez guitars, Fabian's adoration for drummers with bleached hair and we go over our top 15 Offspring songs from the 90s.  

You can follow Fabian on Twitter here:  @sirfabsalot

You can follow me on Twitter:  @1HLpodcast

The Offspring Tour info can be found here:

Offspring Playlist Link:


90s Music March Madness

90s Music March Madness

March 19, 2020

Need something 90s to do while were all stuck home?  Here is a fun diversion for all of us who miss March Madness.  I put together a 90s Music Albums March Madness Bracket.  Basically just pick a sheet on the bottom that doesnt have someone's name already associated with it, rename it to your name, then fill out the bracket with the album you prefer in the matchup.  Pretty easy!  There will be prizes awarded at the end.

If you have any questions, my email is:

Or you can ask me on Twitter: @1HLpodcast

Here is the link to the bracket:

Good luck all and stay safe!!

90s Music Profile - 311

90s Music Profile - 311

March 11, 2020

Happy 311 Day!  This episode is a 90s Music Profile on the band 311 where I give a short history on the band as well as create my top 15 playlist solely on 90s 311 songs.  If you are a 311 fan then definitely give this a listen!  If not, still give a listen as this band puts out some great music and this could inspire you to give them a chance.

Here is the link to my 311 Top 15 Playlist on Spotify:

Here is the link to 311 upcoming Tour Dates:

My Twitter info:  @1HLpodcast




90s One Hit Wonders Part 2 of 2

90s One Hit Wonders Part 2 of 2

February 3, 2020
I am joined again by Carmelita Valdez McKoy as we talk about 90s One Hit Wonders... all of them!  We cover off on all 66 of the 90s one hit wonders, this episode being the top 33, and not only did we do that, we also made a playlist for all one hit wonders on Spotify for you to enjoy!  The link will be at the bottom of the notes, but we also talk about:

In the meantime will melt your face off

Breakfast at tiffanys is total trash

It should have been called return of the jedi

We are grown ass people

Faith No More, Filter and Saigon Kick are all underrated

Butterfly Dance lessons for all

Please stop playing Jump Around

If you’re looking to attract a mate, do NOT wear a Marvin the Martian tie

Fun Fact about Shannon Hoon

We hope there is music in the afterworld

Is the friend zone better than the nerd zone?

Not only do I host a podcast, but I was our 4th grade spelling bee champion

Music is your friend

You can find me on twitter @1HLPodcast

Carmelita is @CarmelitaSays

90s One Hit Wonder playlist on spotify can be found here:

Thanks and please leave me a 5 star review on iTunes.  I would be forever grateful!!

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