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90s One Hit Wonders Part 2 of 2

February 3, 2020
I am joined again by Carmelita Valdez McKoy as we talk about 90s One Hit Wonders... all of them!  We cover off on all 66 of the 90s one hit wonders, this episode being the top 33, and not only did we do that, we also made a playlist for all one hit wonders on Spotify for you to enjoy!  The link will be at the bottom of the notes, but we also talk about:

In the meantime will melt your face off

Breakfast at tiffanys is total trash

It should have been called return of the jedi

We are grown ass people

Faith No More, Filter and Saigon Kick are all underrated

Butterfly Dance lessons for all

Please stop playing Jump Around

If you’re looking to attract a mate, do NOT wear a Marvin the Martian tie

Fun Fact about Shannon Hoon

We hope there is music in the afterworld

Is the friend zone better than the nerd zone?

Not only do I host a podcast, but I was our 4th grade spelling bee champion

Music is your friend

You can find me on twitter @1HLPodcast

Carmelita is @CarmelitaSays

90s One Hit Wonder playlist on spotify can be found here:

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